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Life History Forms

We want to welcome you to Vertical Healing Center and the lifechanging ministry that is provided through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that you will be encouraged by what you will learn in your time with us and that you will continue to seek His will for your life. Please click here to read Testimonies of Healing.

Please download a Life History Questionnaire below. We ask for you to complete it and email it as a file attachment to pastorconniestrefling@yahoo.com as soon as possible. Please complete the form as thoroughly as you can. All information is confidential and will assist your prayer minister in preparing for your appointment.

As with anything that would be considered precious, valuable, durable and/or permanent, we count the cost attached to the lasting value. This form of healing is truly transformational. We experience very powerful healing and permanent improvement in the lives of people on a regular basis. It is gratifying to hear the testimonies of so many people who have found answers and real freedom in their lives.

Below are links to the documents to get you started with Vertical Healing Center.  Please download a Life History Form and fill it out. It is provided in two file formats.

  • Life History Form - Type-in-form for use with Microsoft Word for Windows, or Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Life History Form - Write-in-form in Adobe Acrobat format - (please download the PDF, print the blank form. Fill out by hand, scan it, save it as a PDF, and email the scanned file to pastorconniestrefling@yahoo.com as a file attachment, or mail it in via USPS to the address below).

In regard to the Microsoft Word version of the Life History Form, please:

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word, fill in the information, save it, and return it as a file attachment via email to pastorconniestrefling@yahoo.com.
  • For information on these forms or to request technical support, please contact us.

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Thank you,

The Vertical Healing Center Team